Host: University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Co-host: Vietnam’s National Foreign Language Project

Associate hosts:

University of Foreign Languages, Hue University

University of Foreign Language Studies, the University of Da Nang

Host: University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU, Hanoi)



Situated in the heart of Vietnam, University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) is one of the seven member universities of Vietnam National University – Hanoi (VNU, Hanoi), a prestigious higher educational institution in Vietnam. ULIS is a leading research-oriented university in language education, linguistics, international studies and thematic social sciences and humanities. The school offers undergraduate and graduate pedagogy and linguistic studies in 11 languages, and a large number of exchanges with various other universities around the globe. ULIS particularly values proactivity, responsibility, and capability to work and gain success in a multicultural and dynamic globalizing world.

ULIS has well equipped facilities for students and staff, with over 200 lecture halls, classrooms, language labs and a Resource Center with more than 56,000 foreign language books. Students are well looked after in the student apartments built in the main campus with over 1000 beds. Students and staff can enjoy hours of exercise in the newly built 1,000 square meter sports complex which comprises a gymnasium,afootball field,and tennis courts.



Co-host: Vietnam’s National Foreign Language Project


National Foreign Languages Project (NFLP) - Ministry of Education and Training has been in operation since 2008. Its goals are to renovate foreign language teaching and learning in the national education system by continuing to develop and implement new foreign language curriculums at every school level and training degree, and by improving foreign language proficiency to meet study and work requirements; increase competitiveness of human resources in order to contribute to the development of the country; create a foundation for universalizing foreign languages in national education by 2025.

NFLP's nationwide activities focus on Issuing and implement curriculum and materials; Renovating testing and assessment in foreign language teaching and learning to approach international standards, improving national foreign language assessment capability; Providing further training for foreign language teachers and lecturers; Promoting IT application, improving foreign language teaching and learning conditions; Strengthening mass communication, international cooperation and create foreign language teaching and learning environment;

During the last ten years, NFLP has achieved much success in implementing the mentioned-above activities. Its stakeholders include approximately 100,000 English teachers and  23,000,000 students across the country. It has built a strong network of provincial Departments of Education, universities, schools in 63 cities and provinces of Vietnam; developing good relationship and actively collaborating with local and international partners like British Council, Cambridge, MacMillan Education, Pearson, SEAMEO, U.S. Embassy, British Embassy, etc.



Associate host: University of Foreign Languages, Hue University


University of Foreign Languages, Hue University was established on July 13, 2004, by merging foreign languages departments of all affiliated universities of Hue University. At present, the university has 09 departments, 07 functional offices and 02 centers. The total number of academic staff at  University of Foreign Languages, Hue University   is approximately 300, including 4 associate professors, 37 PhDs, 158 Masters and 35 senior lecturers.

University of Foreign Languages, Hue University is actively working to enhance its performance to become one of the leading universities in Vietnam in the fields of foreign language learning, language study and culture. We offer training programs and carry out research in the fields of language and cultures, aiming at enhancing foreign language capability for Vietnamese people, especially the Central and the Highland of Vietnam, and foreigners for the understanding and ties among the peoples in the world.

Languages being trained include English, French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean languages and training programs vary from  pedagogy, translation-interpretation to language and culture,  tourism. Apart from traditional majors, the university also provides training programs on International Studies, American Studies, Vietnamese Studies with submajors of language, culture and tourism.



Associate host: University of Foreign Languages, Hue University


University of Foreign Language Studies - University of Da Nang was established in accordance with the Decision No. 709 / QD-TTg dated 26 August 2002 by the Vietnamese Government, with the mission to improve students’ knowledge of language and culture to contribute to national construction, development and international integration. The University is selected by the Ministry of Education and Training, and the Management Board of National Foreign Language 2020 project to be one of the five regional centers for foreign languages undertaking the task of training, fostering, and assessing foreign language skills, as well as developing pedagogical skills, and application of information technology in teaching and learning foreign languages.



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