October 16, 2019 (Wednesday): Pre-Conference Workshops

C3 Block – University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi


Registration (C3 Lobby)


Conference Room 2

(C3 Block)

Conference Room 3

(C3 Block)

Conference Room 4

(C3 Block)


(Tea break at 10.15 - 10.45)

Workshops 1

Comparing Tests and Linking Test Scores - A Practical Guide

Alistair Van Moere & Jing Wei

Workshops 2

Standards in The Classroom

Richard Spiby, Sheryl Cooke, & Johnathan Cruise

Workshops 3

Speaking and Writing Rater Training

Sara Cushing


Lunch break


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(Tea break at 15.15 - 15.45)

Workshops 1 (cont.)

Workshops 2 (cont.)

Workshops 4

Assessing Students in the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Classroom

Lorena Llosa


Welcome dinner (Hall 1 – Sunwah Building)

17.00 – 20.30

AALA Executive Board Meeting (Hall 2 – Sunwah Building)


October 17, 2019 (Thursday): Conference Day 1

Vu Dinh Lien Grand Hall, C2 & C3 Block – University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi



Vu Dinh Lien Grand Hall





Jessica Wu, AALA President (The Language Training and Testing Center)

Do Tuan Minh, President of the University of Foreign Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi)

Representative of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam


Awards Ceremony


Keynote Speech 1

A Theory of Everything (Well Not Quite EVERYTHING!)

Barry O'Sullivan


Group photo


Tea break


Plenary Panel Discussion

Language Practices in Multilingual Contexts. An Agenda for Change in Learning and Assessment

Huu T. M. Nguyen

Rama Matthew

Antony Kunnan

Kellie Frost

Chair: Nick Saville


Lunch break (Vu Dinh Lien Square)

Graduate Student Networking Lunch (Vu Dinh Lien Grand Hall) – Lucky Draw


Plenary Speech 1

Assessment Literacy for Writing Teachers

Sara Cushing


Conference Room 2 & Conference Room 4 (C3 Block)


Poster Presentations

1. Using Automated Writing Evaluation As a Diagnostic Assessment Tool in Chinese EFL Writing Instruction: A Mixed-Method Study

Sha Liu - The AALA 2019 Best Student Poster Awardee

2. Assessing Interlingual Errors in MA's Students' Descriptive Essays: The Case of Error Classification

Bahman Gorjian

3. Administrators' and Teachers' Perceptions of Changes in Assessment of Undergraduates' English Learning Outcomes at a Vietnamese University

Thu Minh Dinh & Nguyen Thi Hien

4. A Rhetorical Structure Analysis of Japanese Students’ Written Products by Applying the Toulmin Model of Argument to English Writing Instruction

Kana Matsumura

5. The Implementation of Self-Assessment in EFL Writing Class - From the Perspectives of Vietnamese Students

Hien Thu Dinh

6. Mobile-mediated Learning-Oriented Assessment: Tag-Talk —“Who’s it?” “I’m it.”

Hee-eun Kim

7. An Investigation into the Relationship Between Rater Severity and Rater’s Tolerance of Ambiguity in Speaking Assessment

Yanping Deng

8. Why absolute frequency is insufficient: Exploring frequency effects on collocational knowledge

Ivy Win-Wen Chen

9. Managing Feedback on IELTS Writing Portfolios: An Implementation of Written Corrective Feedback Research

Anthony Kevin Matthews

10. Capacity Building on Standardized Test Development for Laotian Teachers at Higher Education

Chi Nguyen, Hoa Nguyen, Quynh Nguyen, Yen Nguyen, Thongsouk Keomany, Thavone Sounthone, Nanludet Moxom, & Ladomchanh Khantry

11. An Investigation of the Standardized Tests in Chinese Proficiency – Level 5 for Determining Outcome Standards of Students at the Faculty of Chinese Language and Culture, ULIS-VNU, Hanoi

Anh Le Kim Ha & Thu Thi Hong Dinh

12. Rubrics as a Source of Motivation and Clear Expectations in an American University Bridge Program

Michael Thomas Bade & Adam Joseph Boothe

13. Use of Projects to Give Students More Freedom to Choose the Way to Be Assessed

Ha Ngan Nguyen

14. Fairness of the New Entrance Examination for Universities in Japan in Terms of Test Site Capacity and Household Burden

Yuichiro Yokouchi


Tea break


Plenary Speech 2

Assessing Learners at the Intersection of Content and Language

Lorena Llosa

Concurrent Sessions 1-3


Vu Dinh Lien Grand Hall

Conference Room 1

(C2 Block)

Conference Room 2

(C3 Block)

Conference Room 3

(C3 Block)

Conference Room 4

(C3 Block)


An Investigation of the Construct Validity of the CET-SET: Perspectives on the Construction and Use of Rating Scales

Zhang Xiaoyi

The AALA 2019 Outstanding Dissertation Awardee

The Value of Feedback Comments on Student Writing

Stephanie Rummel

HSK and Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR)

George Zhang

Assessment Literacy as a Basis for Benchmarking Assessment Procedure for University Foreign Language Programs

Noriko Iwashita & Kayoko Hashimoto

Uncovering the Inner-Workings of The Washback on Learning Construct: A Study of Hong Kong Learners’ Reactions to a Graded Approach to English Language Testing

Chi Lai Tsang & Talia Isaacs


Voices from Teacher-Raters in Scoring Speaking Performances in a High-Stakes Localised Test of English Proficiency

Thuy Ha Lam Thai

The AALA 2019 Best Student Paper Awardee

Beyond Spellcheck: Assessing ELL Writing in the Age of Automated Feedback

Zachary R. Hooker

The English Language Reform in Malaysia: The Alignment of the English Exams to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Ardeshir Geranpayeh & Rahimah Adam

Enhancing Teachers’ Language Assessment Literacy from A Praxis Perspective

Jessica Wu, Anita Lin, & Judy Lo

The Role of Learners’ Test Perception in Forming English Learning Habits: A Structural Equation Model Approach

Lan Thuy Nguyen


Stakeholders’ Perceptions of IELTS Writing and Speaking Tests and their Impact on Communication and Achievement

Annita Stell, Noriko Iwashita, Megan Yucel, & Miyuki Sasaki

How can AI (Artificial Intelligence) really assess English, with focus on Speaking and Writing?

Alistair Van Moere & Veronica Benigno

An Application of the Construct Modeling Approach to Align the Thai National English Test Items with the CEFR Levels

Weeraphat Suksiri & Jirada Wudthayagorn

Assessing Young Learners: Language Assessment Literacy of Elementary School Teachers

Ximei Li

The Mediating Effect of Listening Metacognitive Awareness between Listening Test Anxiety and Listening Test Performance

Jian Xu




October 18, 2019 (Friday): Conference Day 2

Vu Dinh Lien Grand Hall, C2 & C3 Blocks – University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi



Concurrent Sessions 4-7


Vu Dinh Lien Grand Hall

Conference Room 1

(C2 Block)

Conference Room 2

(C3 Block)

Conference Room 3

(C3 Block)

Conference Room 4

(C3 Block)


Effects of Polytomous Multiple-Choice Scoring Approaches
on Dependability and Model Fit

Nathan Carr, Quynh Nguyen, Thao Nguyen, & Sao Bui

Classroom Assessment Practices and the Impact on Self-directed EFL Learning

Shu-Chen Huang

Symposium A
(8.00 - 9.40)


Using Alternative Assessment Tools to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in Tertiary English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Contexts and in Teacher Education in the Asia-Pacific Region


Anna Filipi, Anna Podorova, Tony Richardson, Trang Nguyen, Thao Dang, Anh Nguyen, Huong Ta, An Nguyen, & Nguyen Dao

The Validity of TOEIC® Speaking and Writing test Scores:  Evidence from Linguistic Laypersons in the International Workplace

Jonathan Schmidgall

Symposium B
(8.00 - 9.40)


Assessing Content Subjects of Humanities and Social Sciences Using English as a Medium of Instruction

Binh Van, Ha H. Nguyen, & Ha T. Nguyen

Discussant: Hanh Hoang


What Teachers Think about Assessment and How It Influences Their Classroom-Based Assessment Practices – The Results of a Global Survey

Susan Sheehan

A Sociocultural Inquiry into Assessment Literacy Development of EFL English Teachers: Perspectives Toward Taiwan’s 12-Year Basic Education Curricula

Yu-Ting Kao


Using Multiple Approaches to Examine the Dependability of High School Writing Assessment in Hanoi, Vietnam

Khue Le

Assessing EFL College Learners Speaking Competence: An Interactionist Approach to Group Dynamic Assessment

Hsin-Chieh Wang & Yu-Ting Kao

The Effect of Intensive Test Preparation on Test-Takers’ Performance in the IELTS Test: The Case of Scholarship Grantees in Indonesia

Dang Arif Hartono



Real-world Use of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) and Pronunciation Assessment: A Validity Argument

Sheryl Cooke

Building an Assesment Rubric for the Facebook's Closed Group Project in American Foreign Policy after WW2 Course

Anh Hai Hoang

Hello from the Other Side: How Candidates Perceive a High-Stakes Test

Megan Yucel


Tea break


Concurrent Sessions 8-9


Vu Dinh Lien Grand Hall

Conference Room 1

(C2 Block)

Conference Room 2

(C3 Block)

Conference Room 3

(C3 Block)

Conference Room 4

(C3 Block)


The Use of Audiovisual Input in Integrated Academic Speaking Tasks: Effects and Implications

Ching-Ni Hsieh & Larry Davis

Syntactic Complexity in Integrated Writing Tasks

Zaha Munahi Alanazi

The Use of Portfolio as an Effective Assessment to Improve Public Speaking Skill

Thuy Cam Ngo

The Role of Learning-Oriented Assessment in Improving Expected Learning Outcomes of Students

Quy Huu Nguyen

The Impact of Problem-Based Hots-Required Formative Assessment Tasks on Students’ Learning of Linguistics

Tam Thi Minh Nguyen


What Summarising Skills are We Assessing? Rater Perspectives on Reading-into-Writing and Listening-into-Writing Performances

Lyn May & Sathena Chan

Qualitative Analysis on Taiwanese EFL Learners’ Writing Difficulties

Naihsin Li & Jessica Wu

Self- and Teacher-Assessment of English Group Discussion: A Case of Chinese EFL Learners

Coral Yiwei Qin

Responding to a TOEFL Integrated Speaking Task: Mapping Test Taker Strategic Behaviours and Performance Content

Kellie Frost, Josh Clothier, & Gillian Wigglesworth

A Phenomenological Investigation of Learners’ Perceptions and Practices of Formative Assessment in English Language Learning

Ye Sir Lim


Vu Dinh Lien Grand Hall


Plenary Speech 3

How Should We Interpret Score Fluctuations in Repeated Test-Taking?

Alistair Van Moere


Lunch break (Vu Dinh Lien Square)

AALA General Meeting (Vu Dinh Lien Grand Hall) - Lucky Draw

Concurrent Sessions 10-13


Vu Dinh Lien

Grand Hall

Conference Room 1

(C2 Block)

Conference Room 2

(C3 Block)

Conference Room 3

(C3 Block)


Be Specific: A Bayesian Analysis of Informational Density in an Integrated Writing Task in an Academic English Test

Yuanyue Hao

Impact of Raters’ Perceptions of the Tested Construct on Rating

Phuc Diem Le

Writing Course Assessments and Cheating in Kuwait

Robert Kirkpatrick

Exploring Potential Relationships between Vocabulary Knowledge and Fluency Measures: A Task-Based Approach

Dion Clingwall & Jon Clenton


Distinguishing Language Ability from The Context in an EFL Speaking Test

Hongwen Cai

Speaking rater training towards standardization: Yes, but the ‘How’ is more important!

Quynh Nguyen, Yen Nguyen, Hien Tran, Thao Nguyen, Sao Bui, Chi Nguyen, & Hoa Nguyen

Examining the Washback Effects of the General Secondary English Test on Teaching and Learning in Vietnam: An Inter-Linked Study

Hong-Van Thi Nguyen & Chi-Duc Nguyen

Eye-Tracking Study on Cognitive Processing of Reading Used for Comprehension and Summarization on TOEFL iBT®

Mikako Nishikawa, Yukio Horiguchi, & Haruna Kawai


Developing Learning-Oriented Assessment Resources for Peer Interaction Speaking Tasks

Daniel M. K. Lam, Lynette May, Fumiyo Nakatsuhara, & Evelina Galaczi

Language Assessment Literacy Training: From a pre-service course to the standards language assessment competence for English teachers in Vietnam

Ha Thi Thu Pham & Mai Thu Duong

EFL Writing Assessment in Vietnam: From National Policy to Institutional Practice

Xuan Minh Ngo

Identifying Benefits from READS: A System Intended to Demystify Students' Reading Comprehension Ability

Lin Siew Eng, Abdul Rashid Mohamed, & Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail


An Investigation of the Relationship between Writing Proficiency Level and the Strategic Behaviours Involved in Integrated Listening- and Reading-to-Write Performances

Sally O'Hagan, Ute Knoch, Michelle Czajkowski, & Susy Macqueen

Fairness in College Entrance Exams in Japan and the Planned Use of External Tests in English

Yuko Butler & Masakazu Iino

Improving Learning from Feedback in University-Level Language Programs

Ana Maria Ducasse, Maya Fujioka, Kathryn Hill, Qing Ji, Kerry Mullan, Jindan Ni, & Maki Yoshida

Towards Constructing a Deep Word Knowledge Test for Advanced Learners of Vietnamese Using Vietnamese WordNet

Phan Trang & Tinh Nguyen


Tea break

Concurrent Session 14


The Island Ridge Curve (IRC): A Theoretical Model Mapping the Interaction between Strategic Competence and Language Proficiency

Yuyang Cai & Antony John Kunnan

Tests As Drivers of Change in Education: A Theoretical Model

Gordon Alexander Allan

Washback to Language Teachers: A Review of Models and Empirical Research In and Beyond Vietnam

Thu Minh Dinh


Vu Dinh Lien Grand Hall


Keynote speech 2

Principles, Policies and Practices in Multilingual Language Assessment

Nick Saville


Closing & Gratitude to sponsors

David Qian, AALA Immediate Past President, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Lam Quang Dong, Head of AALA 2019 Organizing Committee (University of Languages and International Studies, VNU, Hanoi)

Huu T. M. Nguyen (Vietnam's National Foreign Language Project)

Inn Chull Choi (Korea University – President of The Korea English Language Testing Association, AALA2020 Organizing Committee)